Meet the Archive-It Team


Jefferson Bailey

Director of Web Archiving Programs

Jefferson joined Internet Archive in Summer 2014. Prior to joining IA, he worked on strategic initiatives, digital preservation, archives, and digital collections at institutions such as Metropolitan New York Library Council, Library of Congress, Brooklyn Public Library, and Frick Art Reference Library and has worked in the archives at NARA, NASA, and Atlantic Records. He has an MLIS in Archival Studies from University of Pittsburgh and a BA in English from Oberlin College. He once flew NASA’s Space Shuttle Simulator and caused, according to the flight engineer, “minor landing gear damage.” He has deaccessioned all records of this event from his personal archive.


Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

Web Archivist

Karl joined the Archive-It team in 2015 to help all partners build their collections through application support, testing, training, and documentation. His boundless enthusiasm for all things web archiving developed during his term as a National Digital Stewardship Resident and Archive-It partner with the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC). Karl earned his BA in History of Art from Haverford College and his MS in Library and Information Science from Drexel University. He now helps partners to build their web archives with the assistance of his crack team (of housecats) from his home in Philadelphia.


Madeline Carruthers

Partner Coordinator

Madeline Carruthers joined the team in 2019 to manage service agreements, onboarding, and introductions to the Archive-It community of partners. She brought experience from Chronicle Books with her and is now glad to reconnecting with libraries and research institutions, having worked previously in circulation and development at the UC Santa Cruz Libraries. Madeline earned her BA in the History of Art and Visual Culture from UCSC. She grew up in the Bay Area and it’s unlikely that she will ever leave. In her free time, you can find her exploring and camping along the California coast with her sweet but stubborn basset hound named Bonnie.


Lori Donovan

Senior Program Manager

Lori works with partners and the engineering team to develop the Archive-It service so that it meets the needs of memory institutions. She also serves as Program Manager for the Internet Archive’s crawling with Library of Congress. She enjoys working at a mission-based organization, helping organizations fulfill their own missions by archiving the web. Lori has a Masters of Science in Information from the University of Michigan, specializing in Archives and Digital Preservation. She previously studied history and political science at Boise State University. In her spare time, Lori enjoys cooking, running after her 2 kids, and trying to catch up on her favorite TV shows.


James Kafader

Engineering Manager, Webgroup and Archive-It

James joined the Archive-It team at the Internet Archive in 2014 to develop its 5.0 web application and backend database. Previously, he led web development and managed programming efforts for publishers, artists, and non-profit institutions. James earned his BFA in Conceptual Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and outside of IA serves on the advisory board for the open source TRSST secure and distributed blog platform.


Noah Levitt

Lead Engineer

Noah joined the Archive in 2007. He does development and operations mostly around the Archive-It service and the Heritrix crawler. Previously he worked at Columbia University on digital library projects. Before that, in 2001, he got his BS in computer engineering from the University of Michigan. Noah is an advocate of all things free and open, including software, information, and society in general.


Jillian Lohndorf

Web Archivist

Jillian joined Archive-It in 2016. Previously, she worked in the Archives and Special Collections at DePaul University and Rotary International, and as Web Services Librarian for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She holds a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As much as she loves the internet, on most weekends you can find her in a tent in the woods, with no wifi to be found.

Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller

Support Engineer

Barbara began working with the Archive-It team in 2016, after helping set up the Archive’s CiviCRM and other donation software. Her earlier technical adventures include an internship with Mozilla QA and serving as IT coordinator for the Anglo-American College in Prague. She now works mostly from a tiny floating home on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Neil Minton

Support Engineer

Neil joined the Internet Archive in 2015 and is currently providing technical support for Archive-It systems. As a Software Engineer, he is passionate about using technology to produce simple solutions that distill complex problems. Prior to joining the team, he spent over 6 years working for Walmart Stores Inc. in e-commerce as a developer, systems analyst, and technical lead. Neil holds a Bachelors of Web Management and Internet Commerce from Johnson & Wales University. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time exploring the San Francisco Bay Area, tinkering with technology, and building things from a vast collection of spare parts.


Pete Mitchell

Technical Support Specialist

Pete Mitchell joined the team in 2019 to help Archive-It partners to collect an ever changing and challenging web. He is a certified member of the Oregon Trail Generation — the kids that still had rotary phones, taped live radio onto cassette, and came of age as the Internet was doing the same. He has been using the Wayback Machine as long as he can remember. Pete enjoys wasting time on the Internet (frequently via Reddit), as well as video and board games, Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi and fantasy in all forms of media. He is a passionate supporter of the Seattle Sounders and a tortured fan of the San Jose Sharks. He also loves pinball and skeeball, mini golf, camping, and spontaneous road trips. If you share any of his interests, Pete WILL passionately talk as long as you allow him.

Maria Praetzellis

Program Manager

Maria works with the library community building and managing programs that support web archiving and digital preservation. This includes Archive-It as well as web archiving and preservation services for national libraries, collaborative and grant-funded initiatives, research and access services and technology development. In her past positions, she was the Digitization Project Manager at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and was Senior Archivist at Rolling Stone magazine. Maria has an MA in History with a graduate certificate in Archives from NYU and is a Certified Archivist with the Academy of Certified Archivists. Her favorite pastime involves swinging in her hammock, reading cheesy fantasy novels.

Mouse Reeve

Web Applications Developer

Mouse has worked at the Internet Archive since 2015. They have an academic background in anthropology and mathematics, with interests in linguistics, generative art, and historical occultism. Mouse created the internet’s best social network where no one is allowed to use the letter e, and dabbles in vegan patisserie, social justice, and looking at flowers. They care very deeply about nonsense.


Sylvie Rollason-Cass

Web Archivist

Sylvie is happy to be supporting Archive-It partner institutions’ web archiving programs. She holds a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before coming to the Internet Archive, she worked as a Graduate Project Assistant in the preservation department of the U of I library and as a library assistant at the Newberry Library in Chicago. In her spare time, Sylvie enjoys running, singing backup in an Irish folk band, and pretending to know how to play the accordion.

Photo of Madison Scott-Clary

Madison Scott-Clary

Senior Engineer

Madison is a software engineer and author. She joined Archive-It in 2018 to help partners store and share archives of their collections, having gotten homesick for her past life as a librarian. Prior to working at the Archive, she studied music composition at Colorado State University and worked with open-source software at Canonical. When she isn’t neck-deep in code, she’s usually found writing or editing fiction and non-fiction works both inside and outside of the furry subculture, making a mess of the kitchen, and listening to music too loud. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two dogs and her husband, who is a dog on the Internet.

Kyrie Whitsett

Kyrie Whitsett

Program Officer

Kyrie specializes in managed web crawling services for the Internet Archive Web Group’s collaborators, including Archive-It partners. She moved to San Francisco from Cleveland, Ohio, and joined the Archive-It team in 2016 after a stint volunteering on the Internet Archive’s Newsweek on the Air collection.


Some Of Our Contributors

Helge Holzmann

Web Data Engineer

Helge started working for the Internet Archive in August 2018. Before, he earned his Master of Computer Science and worked as a researcher in Germany, striving for his PhD on efficient access methods for web archives, in which he already closely collaborated with the Archive and Archive-It. He is passionate about big data, especially if there’s a temporal aspect to it, and is glad to contribute to a non-profit team that holds one of the biggest collections of free data in the world. In addition to creating innovative services by deriving new value from this unique dataset, Helge is happy to support libraries and institutions interested in accessing the data as a consultant located in Europe. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and little daughter, who joined this world just one month before he joined the Archive.


Adam Miller

Senior Crawl Engineer

Since 2011, Adam has managed large scale focused crawls for the Internet Archive and the Library of Congress. In this role he uses and contributes regularly to the development of the Heritrix open source crawler. A native of Washington state, Adam earned his BS and MS in Computer Science from Eastern Washington University, and previously served as an application developer for the Washington State Archives.


Kenji Nagahashi

Web Collections Software Engineer

After working for a Japanese computer company as a researcher for 17 years, Kenji joined the Internet Archive in August 2010 to implement a system archiving everything on the Internet. Being a positively lazy engineer, enthusiastic about making computers work for humans with least effort, he likes mixing tools and programming languages to get things done. Loves handicrafts, cooks pasta and bakes biscotti.

coco walsh

Web Crawl Engineer

coco joined the Internet Archive in August 2018. They work on Archive-It and web crawling. In school, they studied physics/math (B.S. Rutgers) and machine learning/computational modeling (M.S. CMU). Their research has been published in Nature, ACM, AGU, & NIPS. Before joining the Archive, they worked as a researcher/engineer at a cybersecurity startup and attended the Recurse Center. When not writing computer code, coco spends their time making sounds with electronics, drawing comics, biking, cooking, teaching high school computer science, and engaging with all sorts of useless/silly ideas.



Gemma Batson

Gemma W. Batson

Program Manager

Gemma joined the Archive in 2008, as a scanner at the Natural History Museum in London. She then moved on to become the Satellite Coordinator, where she worked with many of the fascinating libraries and collections we’re working with around the world. She worked to make the Internet Archive accessible to new institutions and archives globally. Gemma was born in the UK, but grew up the fine state of Texas, where she graduated from the University of Texas. She returned to the UK in 2008, and spent her time there digitizing, meeting amazing people, and perfecting the perfect muffin recipe.


Daniel Bernstein

Application Developer

While creating tools to help librarians and archivists archive and analyze vast swaths of the Internet, Daniel cultivates the habit of asking himself the following question: What things, among all that can be saved, are truly worth saving? Daniel graduated from Columbia University with BA in History.


Aaron Binns

Senior Software Engineer

Aaron worked with the Internet Archive to bring full-text search to the archives, as well as an elevated sense of sartorial excellence to the archivists. Previously, he had worked at various technology start-ups in San Francisco and outside of Washington D.C. Aaron graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a B.S in Computer Science.


Dominic Dela Cruz

Web Crawl Engineer

Dominic studied Political Science at the University of California at Riverside because he wanted to figure out why democracies succeed. He still can’t tell you why, but he can tell you that restricting access to information is the first step in their failure. Dominic joined the Internet Archive in April 2008. Before that, he worked for the independent online news magazine as a software engineer. The Archive lets him play with his favorite technologies like Gnu/Linux and internet-based applications. He is also a mammal who enjoys running, biking, and reading about the history of science/technology.


Vinay Goel

Senior Data Engineer

Vinay joined the Internet Archive’s Web Group in 2006. At the Archive, he ran focused crawls, deployed web archive access and index infrastructures, and developed automated tools to help improve the quality of web crawls, and to extract and analyze large portions of the Web Archive. He also administered the Web Group’s Hadoop clusters and applied big data solutions to gain insights from web scale datasets. He graduated from Lehigh University with a M.S. in Computer Science. While at Lehigh, he researched techniques to combat web spam, and mobility management schemes in Disruption Tolerant Networking. Outside the office, he enjoys exploring the outdoors and has a thorough love of food, movies and books.

Mary Haberle

Web Archivist

Mary joined the program staff of the Archive-It team in October 2016. Her prior work experience included processing archival collections at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the University Club of New York, as well as contributing to digitization projects at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Franklin Furnace Archive. Mary earned her Master of Library and Information Studies degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She relocated to Los Angeles from Brooklyn, where she loves hiking with her labradoodle Winnie and never having to check the weather.


Kristine Hanna

Director of Digital Services and Programs

Kristine focused on developing collaborative and long lasting relationships with partner organizations, and worked in the U.S. and around the world to fund and implement digital preservation projects and programs; including Archive-It, which she worked on since it’s inception in early 2006. Previously Kristine worked as a Visual Effects Producer at Lucasfilm, where she received multiple Emmy nominations, and later as the Co-founder of GirlGeeks Inc., a website for women in technology. Kristine lives in Marin county with her family and dogs, loves running on Mt Tam and skiing when she can get away.


Kelsey Hawley

Web Application Developer

Kelsey graduated University of California, Santa Cruz with a bachelors in Computer Science. She enjoys working with new technologies to build web applications, recognizing that web is the way of the future. She often brought her dog, Patches, to work with her, who frequently reminds Kelsey to get up and stretch multiple times during the day. Patches also watched her owner and other engineers, wondering why humans sit still so long. On her free time, Kelsey takes Patches for long walks and enjoys knitting multiple types of projects including socks, gloves, hats, and blankets.

Michelle Kimpton

Director of Web Archive

Michele Kimpton was a Director at the Internet Archive for four years. In her role, she works closely with national libraries, archives and universities to provide technical expertise and services in web archiving. She has developed partnerships with several of these institutions to collaborate on web archiving activities, including co-founding the International Internet Preservation Consortium. Prior to the Internet Archive, Michele worked in the high-tech-industry, mainly for-profit sector, for the last 20 years. Before coming to the Internet Archive she was one of the co-founders of an online digital imaging company, which was subsequently bought by one of the larger photo imaging companies. For the last ten years of her career she has worked primarily in technical management and business development. She has worked and lived in both Europe and Asia during her career.Michele has a Masters in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University, and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Santa Clara.


Ilya Kreymer

Web Application and Wayback Developer

Ilya worked on the presentation aspects of Archive-It, including the Wayback Machine, from 2011 to 2014. Previously, he worked in a wide variety of fields, including extensive work in video games at Big Huge Games and LucasArts, and also worked with creating writing projects exploring new mediums. Ilya is a big fan of all types of eastern European music and plays Accordion around San Francisco.


Carissa Kuo

Partner Support Associate

Carissa supported the Archive-It team in the finance department. She grew fond of the idea of preservation during her time spent living in Rome. She received a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from University of California Santa Cruz and has since explored her passion of the finance and accounting sector. Whenever there is time to spare, she fills it with either her love of music or spending time in the kitchen making baked goods for anyone and everyone.


Courtney Mumma

Web Archiving Programs Manager

Courtney joined the Internet Archive in September of 2015 as Program Manager, with a focus on collaborative partnerships, grants management, community development, research initiatives, new services and sustainable innovation in web archives. Her career has been dedicated to building and fortifying the digital cultural heritage preservation sector. Courtney helped to build the Archivematica open source digital preservation system and community. She has worked to advance the field through multiple collaborative efforts, including Artefactual’s other open source projects, Access To Memory (AtoM) and Binder, InterPARES, Digital Records Forensics, BitCurator, and 4C. Courtney has also been a regular guest instructor for the MIT Digital Preservation Management Workshop and has taught and lectured in several other cultural heritage venues on topics related to digital preservation and curation. She earned her MAS and MLIS degrees from the University of British Columbia. If you listen to enough of her screencasts, you’ll eventually hear her cat Memphis in the background.


Scott Reed

Web Archivist

Scott assisted archivists and librarians across the world to preserve the web for future generations using Archive-It. Previously, he was the Community Technology Lead at a service agency for homeless families. He received a BA in Feminist Studies from UC Santa Cruz, where his undergraduate research project was focused on the work of digital literacy training programs in Kano, Nigeria. Lately he has been baking bagels, writing, country western dancing, and reading fiction.


Eldon Stegall


Ever since Eldon played with cooperative turtles walking around a monitor in his youth, he has been hooked on code. Hailing from North Avenue Trade School with degrees in Math, Computer Science, and a health dose of Philosophy, Eldon thinks that folks should code fast and speak frankly about these strange devices that we spend so much time around. When he’s not banging away at keyboards, Eldon can be seen biking the mean streets of Atlanta, wandering around Castleberry Hill Art District, or hoofing it up and down the hills in one of the National or State parks around Atlanta.


Hunter Stern

Technical Support and Quality Assurance Engineer

Hunter provided technical support for Archive-It and worked with the engineering and product development teams to ensure that each release was thoroughly tested. Previously to Archive-It, he worked at and Autodesk. He has an Economics degree from the University of California, San Diego and in his spare time, enjoys writing fiction and attending writing meetups.


Mark Sullivan

Web Archiving Software Engineer

Mark joined the Archive in August 2016 to help Archive-It’s partners share their archives, ideally even independently of the Archive, with new data transfer tools. He graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Masters of Computer Science and a Bachelors of Computer Engineering (because he wanted to take those mandatory classes!). He has worked in different enough environments to become frustrated by much of technology, occasionally dreams of expressive computers, and is excited to work with wonderful coworkers to create noble things and share them with the universe. Mark builds and maintains trails, rides bikes over them, gets strangers on bikes and rides around the city with friends, and carries musicians and pedal-powered audio equipment on bicycles. And sometimes he gets away from it all into the wilderness, usually via cargo bike.