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FHSU Faculty Web Publications

Collected by: Fort Hays State University

Archived since: May, 2018


This collection consists of web-based academic and creative works produced by FHSU faculty. It is a component of the University Archives Faculty Publications collection.

Subject:   Blogs & Social Media Universities & Libraries Arts & Humanities

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Title: Kairos 20.1: Fields et al, Performing Urgency - Home


Description: In this webtext, our research collective, known as The Crossroads Collaborative, explores the possibilities of youth slam poetry through the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam (TYPS). Our initial research questions are concerned with the ways in which youth slam performance in this space contains the potential for not only response to, but urgent and active movements against, regressive contexts, such as the legislative moves in Arizona that have limited young people’s comprehensive access to narratives of sexuality, health, and rights. Since our research collective is devoted to valuing youth voice, we have included slam poetry in this text with the permission of youth poets and, at times, without our interpretation. Our purpose is to present our research and methods but also to help facilitate an embodied and multimodal experience for readers that does not rely solely on connecting the theories, methods, and poems we discuss into a clear narrative thread. In doing so, we perform our understanding of queer and borderlands spaces in which unfixed identifications, coalitions, and rhetorical practices can be fleeting yet full of possibility.

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