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Charlie Archive at the Harvard Library, 2015-

Archived since: Jan, 2016


Charlie Hebdo is a weekly French satirical magazine that features cartoons, reports, controversial debates, and jokes that are strongly non-conformist. It was originally a companion publication to Hara-Kiri in the 1970s and then ceased publication in 1981. Charlie Hebdo was resurrected in 1992 and is currently in publication.

Subject:   Society & Culture Politics & Elections Blogs & Social Media Terrorists attacks in France 2015

IPCC Climate Change

Archived since: Mar, 2015

No description.

Subject:   Science & Health Society & Culture Climate Change

The Yellow Vests Movement collection at Harvard Library

Archived since: Aug, 2019


The yellow vests movement or yellow jackets movement (French: Mouvement des gilets jaunes) is a populist, grassroots political movement for economic justice that began in France in October 2018. After an online petition posted in May had attracted nearly a million signatures, mass demonstrations began on 17 November. The movement is motivated by rising fuel prices, a high cost of living; it claims that a disproportionate burden of the government's tax reforms were falling on the working and middle classes, especially in rural and peri-urban areas. The protesters have called for lower fuel taxes, a reintroduction of the solidarity tax on wealth, a minimum-wage increase, the implementation of Citizens' initiative referendums, as well as the resignations of President Emmanuel Macron and the government. The protests have involved demonstrations and the blocking of roads and fuel depots in France, some of which developed into major riots and attacks, described as the most violent since those of May 1968. The movement has received international attention, and protesters in many places around the world—some with similar grievances, others unrelated—have used the yellow vest as a symbol.

Subject:   Society & Culture Spontaneous Events Government

Ukrainian Autocephaly

Archived since: Jul, 2020


From the early 1990s, Ukrainian Orthodox had been divided into three communities -- the Moscow Patriarchate, which was recognized as canonical, the Kyiv Patriarchate, and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which were both regarded as “schismatic”. A new Orthodox Church of Ukraine was established by a unification council on December 15, 2018 and received its Tomos of autocephaly (decree of ecclesial independence) on January 5, 2019 as a result of joint efforts by Ukraine’s political leadership, and the Ecumenical Patriarch. After the OCU had been canonically recognized, the individual parishes of the UOC-MP began the process of transitioning to the new Church. The creation of a new independent Orthodox church has its implications not only for the Ukrainian society, but for Eastern Christianity and geopolitics more broadly.

Video Appeals to Putin

Archived since: May, 2020

No description.

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