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University of Arizona Libraries

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The University of Arizona Libraries are enterprising partners in advancing the University's priorities. We cultivate an environment that promotes inquiry, creative endeavor, scholarly communication and lifelong learning. Our resources, services and expertise enrich the lives of Arizonans, and contribute to an expanding global academic community.

The Libraries make every effort to ensure that it has appropriate rights to provide access to this content in compliance with U.S. Copyright law. Please see our Copyright/Take Down Policy for more details on content removal processes. (

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Digital Preservation Lab

Archived since: Apr, 2020

No description.

Reclaiming the Border Narrative

Archived since: May, 2023


A collection of websites created by grantees of the Ford Foundation funded project, Reclaiming the Border Narrative: Storytelling and Cultural Power for Migrant Justice.

Subject:   Society & Culture Arts & Humanities Universities & Libraries

Student Institutional Memory

Archived since: Jul, 2017


This collections consists of web-based publications created and published by students in UA colleges and departments. The archive aims to preserve student-generated publications in order to share the impact and wealth of student work at University of Arizona. Description is based on contents viewed on May 18th and May 31st, 2018. Title devised by archivist.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries Arts & Humanities Society & Culture

The OSIRIS-REx Mission

Archived since: Dec, 2019


A collections of websites including social media accounts related to the OSIRIS-REx mission. This includes the primary mission Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube pages. As well as the main mission website and the blog of primary investigation Dante Lauretta.

Subject:   Computers & Technology Universities & Libraries Science & Health

University Institutional Records & History

Archived since: May, 2017


Archive of Web sites of University of Arizona institutional resources, including instructional materials; university, college, and departmental news, newsletters, and ephemera; and special events webpages.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries

University Scholarship

Archived since: Jul, 2017


This collection consists of web-based scholarly journals and publications developed by the University of Arizona that are not hosted on UAL platforms. The archive aims to preserve the unique, at-risk Web-based scholarship created by UA faculty and researchers. Description is based on contents viewed on May 18th and May 31st, 2018. Title devised by archivist.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Universities & Libraries Science & Health

Page 1 of 1 (7 Total Results)