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Montana State Library

Archive-It Partner Since: Dec, 2006

Organization Type: State Archives & Libraries

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Montana State Library supports the information needs of state agency employees, provides permanent public access to state publications, supports Montana libraries in delivering quality library content and services, works to strengthen Montana public libraries, and provides visually or physically handicapped Montanans access to library resources.

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MT County Connect

Archived since: Mar, 2019


Montana State Library collects government websites from Montana counties, cities, towns, public school districts, public libraries, and tribal governments because of their close working relationship with Montana state government. This collection also exists to encourage local public libraries to serve as Government Information Centers.

Subject:   Government - Counties Government Government - Cities Public libraries. Tribal government. Public schools. Municipal government. County government.

MT.Gov Web Archive

Archived since: Mar, 2007


Online collection of Montana state agency websites dating from 1996 in partial fulfillment of statutory mandate to identify, acquire, describe, and provide permanent public access to state publications. Digitized historic state publications available at

Subject:   Government - US States Government

Page 1 of 1 (2 Total Results)