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American University in Cairo

Archive-It Partner Since: Mar, 2009

Organization Type: Colleges & Universities

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The American University in Cairo Web Archive collects, preserves, and provides access to the internet presence of the university, and documents websites related to contemporary Egypt and exploration of its past. Maintained by the Rare Books and Special Collections Library, the archive includes official and non-official websites for AUC, as well as websites reflecting Egypt's arts and culture, architecture, business, travel and leisure, politics (including the 2011 Revolution), and society (such as religious and ethnic communities and gender issues).

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American University in Cairo

Archived since: Mar, 2009


The American Unviersity in Cairo Web sites collection provides access to Web sites, blogs, Twitter feeds, media coverage, and other sites related to the American University in Cairo. It is maintained by the American University in Cairo Rare Books and Special Collections Library and features Web sites suggested by AUC students, faculty, and staff.

Subject:   Government - National American University in Cairo Universities and colleges

Egypt Business and Economy

Archived since: Dec, 2009


The Egyptian Business and Economy Web Archive focuses on local businesses and related professional organizations and governmental offices.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries Egypt--Commerce Egypt--Economic conditions Egypt--Foreign economic relations Economic forecasting--Egypt

Egypt Ethnic, Foreign and Expatriate Communities and Life

Archived since: Oct, 2013

No description.

Subject:   Society & Culture

Egypt Non-Governmental Organizations, Charities, Philanthropy, and Civil Society

Archived since: Nov, 2014


Collection of websites of NGOs active in Egypt

Egypt Politics and Revolution

Archived since: Feb, 2011


The Egypt Politics and Revolution collection provides access to web content related to the contemporary Egyptian political scene, documenting political developments and ideologies, leading players, and various forms of expression. A major focus (and the inception point for the collection) is the January 25, 2011 revolution and its aftermath, from the time of the initial 18 Days of demonstrations at Cairo’s Tahrir Square to subsequent periods of protest and successive changes in government and presidential leadership, through 2013 and 2014. (Web archiving during those periods was an initiative of AUC’s University on the Square: Documenting Egypt’s 21st Century Revolution project). A range of politically-oriented activity is covered, from electoral campaigns to dissent, activism, and commemoration. Web content in a variety of forms is captured, including blogs, institutional websites, social media, and online news coverage.

Subject:   Politics & Elections Society & Culture Blogs & Social Media Online journalism Press coverage Demonstrations Political participation Revolutions Protest movements Online social networks Social media Politics and government Foreign relations 2014 Presidential Election

Egypt Religious Communities

Archived since: Mar, 2010


The Coptic Religion and Culture Web Archive includes online content published by the international diocese' and religious groups, in addition to sites focused on Coptic music, writings, and politics.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries Society & Culture Coptic Church Coptic Church--Egypt Coptic fathers of the church

Egypt Sport

Archived since: Nov, 2020

No description.

Egypt Travel and Tourism

Archived since: Dec, 2014

No description.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities

Egypt and Middle East Architecture, Urbanism, and Built Heritage

Archived since: Feb, 2012


The Egyptian and Middle Eastern Architecture collection captures Web sites related to Egyptian and Middle Eastern architecture. The collection includes wiki articles, blogs, and sites related to architecture and architects in the region.

Subject:   Architecture--Middle East Architecture--Egypt Wissa Wassef, Ramses

Egyptian Society, Arts, and Politics

Archived since: Feb, 2013


The Egyptian Society, Arts, and Politics collection provides access to local and regional web content relating to Egyptian culture, religion, economics, government, and arts. It contains web documents such as blog posts, Twitter feeds, videos, and news articles relating to social, economic, and political topics in Egypt. The American University in Cairo Rare Books and Special Collections Library began archiving web content for this collection in February 2013.

Subject:   Politics & Elections Society & Culture Arts & Humanities Culture Egypt Religion Politics and government Economics Arts and society


Archived since: Dec, 2017

No description.

Migration and Refugee Studies

Archived since: Sep, 2009


The Migration and Refugee Studies Web Archive documents human rights organizations, NGOs, legal forums, governmental agencies, and watch groups that focus assisting refugees.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries Society & Culture Forced migration Refugee camps Humanitarian assistance Emigration and immigration Asylum, Right of Refugees--Legal status, laws, etc. Refugees

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