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Philadelphia-region Election Media Ecosystem Project

Archive-It Partner Since: Jun, 2014

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The Internet Archive is presenting searchable online libraries of the Philadelphia-region’s political advertising, television news, and a wide range of related web and social media content leading up to the 2014 election. We are collaborating with a variety of scholars, journalists and civic organizations to facilitate their assessment of how local media are meeting the information needs of their communities and the influence of political spending on the media ecosystem.

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Philadelphia-region Web Media Ecosystem

Archived since: Jun, 2014


The collection is intended to facilitate interested scholars, journalists and civic organizations in assessing representation of important community issues within the web media ecosystem; and exploring the influence of powerful actors in the political process. Philadelphia-region television news and associated political ads are newly searchable within the Internet Archive’s television news research library. Project URL:

Philly Collaboration Impact Archive

Archived since: Sep, 2014


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